Nico Carpentier, som är kursansvarig för ”European Media Spaces” planerar en studieresa till Stockholm och han behöver hjälp med planering och bokningar från en student som kommer att få en viss ersättning för detta arbete.

Läs nedan för mer information!
Är du intresserad, kontakta Nico Carpentier: nico.carpentier@


Vacancy Student Assistant for European Media Spaces 2017

For the course European Media Spaces, we will organise a 3-day study visit to Stockholm in the week of 3 April 2017. We are looking for a student assistant who will work on organising this study visit.

The estimated time investment is 25 hours.

This is the more detailed task description:
*Making sure all visit-related invoices are collected and paid by the department
*Follow-up communication with the visit locations
*Develop travel plan (where to be when)
*Arranging the transport of the participants to the visit
*Update the 2016 travel guide (with some background information on the locations)
*Present the travel plan during course meeting (on the morning of 3 April 2017)

Interested students are requested to contact Prof. Dr. Nico Carpentier as soon as possible at nico.carpentier [ at ]

With kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Nico Carpentier & Dr. Göran Svensson

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